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Welcome to WWW.VAZZAT.COM. Upon using our website, you have agreed on the terms and conditions of the website. Therefore, kindly review them all the time and carefully before conducting every purchase, because upon merely using this website, you are obliged with the terms and conditions stated below:


First: About Us:

WWW.VAZZAT.COM is a website (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) managed by Vazzat General Trading Company SPC (hereinafter referred to as “VAZZAT” or “we”), incorporated and registered officially in the State of Kuwait. The website is designed to act as the platform of flowers and plants shops and persons specialized in this field (hereinafter referred to individually as the “shop” or together as the “shops”). These shops display their products on the website, in order for this website to act as the destination of every person wising to buy flowers and plants by browsing the website and moving across its sections in order to view the products of the shops and select the suitable product.


Second: Our Services: 

VAZZAt is offering you with the service of easy access to the products of shops to view and order from them, as well as pay their value electronically. We are not the owners of these products. Further, the delivery process is carried out by the owner shops of the products displayed on the website. Therefore, the relationship is direct between you and the shop without any liability on VAZZAT as a result of this ongoing interaction between you and the shops. VAZZAT’s obligation is only to provide the means to the shops to display their products as well as dedicate the website to act as an easy way to enable every person to access flower and plant shops. However, this does not stop them from referring to us all the time to report any complaint or default which happens on part of the shop or one of its staff, to allow us to take the required action to reserve your right and achieve your satisfaction.


Third: Product Details and Description: 

VAZZAT tries as much as possible to exert its due diligence to oblige the shops that the information stated are accurate. However, the colors, designs, volumes and sizes declared by the shop in connection with each product are approximate details and measurements for illustration. It is expected that there are minor variations. In all cases, VAZZAT does not guarantee that the specification of the product is precise, complete, reliable or free of errors.


Fourth: Disclaimer 

It is not hidden from you that each store has its own control panel, which uploads its products and controls it. Placing the data about the shop and the data for each product is the responsibility of the shop. Therefore, VAZZAT does not guarantee any of these information and data, as VAZZAT has not posted such data. It is therefore difficult for it to monitor all the data on the shops and products, for which VAZZAT disclaims its responsibility.


Fifth - Payment:

VAZZAT collects payments for purchases made through the website, through VAZZAT website or one of the secure sites and for collection of funds electronically, and then deliver these funds to the shops according to the agreement between the shop and VAZZAT. To be able to make purchases through the website, you must enter the data required from you as indicated in the website or the website to which you have been transferred (if any) to pay through it, provided that all such data is correct so that VAZZAT can process your order efficiently and effectively. Please make sure that the website you were directed is the secure site with VAZZAT is dealing and not another site which appeared to you accidentally. 


Sixth - Greeting card:

As you know, the phrase sent by you through the website and required to be written on the greeting card will be written as it is, except for any words or descriptions which are offensive to public morality or contrary to the law. In this case, these words will be deleted and not written, further, the second party should take into consideration not to send many words required to be written on the greeting card, as the greeting card space is limited. In case of insufficient space on the greeting card for the words sent by the client, some words be deleted at the discretion of the shop so as to fit the written words with the space of the card. The shop has full authority to do so without any objection on your part. 


Seventh: Checking the data

You must always make sure of all information about the order or data sent by you through or to the site, as all information and data that you provide to the site will be taken and acted upon in accordance with good faith and honor of dealing. So, for any damage suffered by VAZZAT, the site, those dealing with it or third parties as a result of the inaccurate or wrong data, you will be solely responsible fully for redressing such damage. 


Eighth -  Cancellation Policy:

The policy of cancellation varies with the different shops, since this depends on the policy followed by each shop without any interference from VAZZAT in this respect. This is because this transaction for the purchase process is direct interaction between the client and the shop through the site, which is considered as  a means of linking between you and the shop. So, if the customer wishes to cancel the purchase of the product, he must return to the owner shop of the product and communicate with him to coordinate about it, noting that if there is a mistake in the address or any other data or if the recipient of the order refuses to receive or take the order or left the place, or for any other reason not attributed to the site or the shop, then the site and shop have executed their full obligations and the amounts paid for this order are fully due to them. 


Ninth -  General provisions:

  1. These terms and conditions were drafted in two copies, a copy in Arabic and a copy in English or clarification. In the case of any difference between the two versions, the version written in Arabic language shall always prevail. 


  1. The. shop or person authorized to deliver the product is always entitled to contact the client or person required to deliver the product to him, by using the contact details mentioned by the client upon submitting the order on the website.


  1. If the address or place to which the order is required to be delivered requires the delivery person to hire a third party due to the nature of this place, then the delivery person is entitled to deliver the order to any person present in this place who can deliver it to the person intended to deliver the product to him, which is all attributed to the personal discretion of the person in charge of the delivery without any liability on him or on the website or shop. Such places include government and non government bodies, places prepared for events or any other place which the delivery person is not able to access to reach the person intended to deliver the product to him. 


  1. All the products displayed on the website, whether flowers, plants or so forth, are subject to availability, because if they are unavailable or in the event of difficulty of their availability, we and the shop are entitled without a prior notice to replace them with another similar product in shape, color or approximate value.


  1. In the event of the desire to place any order, it should be submitted within a period not less than two hours before the end of the shop working hours or the timings scheduled by the shop on the website as orders receiving timings. Further, no order shall be accepted if its value is not paid by a valid payment process.


  1. All the orders placed by you on the website are subject to our acceptance and acceptance of the shop. No order shall be effective on binding on us unless you receive a confirmation from us for accepting such order, through your email which you have furnished to us.


  1. VASSAT is entitled at any time to change or modify these website terms and conditions. Everyone should read and review the terms and conditions every time you visit the site or undertake any process through the website. This change or modification on the terms and conditions apply on all the processes, transactions or visits subsequent to the modification. Further, VAZZAT is entitled at anytime and without any prior notice to place fees for the delivery process without objecting the same by any person.


  1. It is always expected that your data which you process to the website in connection with each order are shared with the shop (owner of the produce required to be purchased) or any third party authorized to undertake the delivery process, in order to execute your order in a perfect manner. 


  1. The (order remarks) box in the order applicant data page and the order recipient data page is a box placed for adding any remark which the purchaser wishes to notify to the shop. However,  neither VAZZAT nor the product shop owner guarantee enforcing  the content in this box, as such remark is sent to the shop and it has the choice, if it deems, to enforce it or disregard it. The shop is not obliged to apply and implement this remark. 


  1. VAZZAT’s obligation for the existence of a website free of defects or errors is an obligation to exert due diligence and not an obligation to achieve a result. VAZZAT endeavors as much as possible that the website is free of errors and defaults. However, in the event of the occurrence of such errors, defaults or failure in the website or system, or if this appears in an accidental manner, no person may hold VAZZAT accountable for the same.


  1. VAZZAT adheres to its right at any time to cancel, discontinue or restrict the subscription of any person or block him accessing or using the website without any objection by him or by third parties on the same. 


  1. Your access and use of the website indicates your approval of all these terms and conditions. If you do not approve to comply with all these terms and conditions, kindly do not use or access this website. Further, we always adhere to our right as per our discretion at any time to change or modify these terms and conditions of the website. Therefore, any change or modification on these terms and conditions will be effective and applicable on all the operations, dealings or visits subsequent to such change or modification. Therefore, you always have the burden of compliance with reading and reviewing the terms and conditions each time you visit the site or undertake any transaction through the site. Upon using the site or the site electronic application, or merely pressing the button for processing the order at the end of each order process, you declare that you comply with all the terms and conditions stated herein.



Tenth – applicable law 

The Kuwaiti law is the applicable law. The courts of Kuwait shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or disagreement arising from the use of this website in any form.